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Want a bite size* bit of magic to boost a spell? Tea lights are great for that! Want something a little more magical? These are the tea lights you are looking for. Created with intentions of the highest and greatest good of the ALL, made during ritual, and charged during specific phases of the moon.

Use to empower your spell work for an extreme power punch.

Each batch is custom made. That means each set you get will be a little different.
Please allow 3-5 days for this process, as well done candle making takes time.

This set comes in sets of 9 or if you like, as wax melts. If you see a specific design you would like, or symbols you would not prefer, please send us a note.

*Please do not eat the candles.

Legal Disclaimer:
By purchasing these candles you agree that you are properly trained to work with ritual candles, furthermore purchase of these candles is to be understood as an agreement between Spirit Art Productions LLC and the buyer that you have read the Full Legal Disclosure and and in no way can Spirit Art Productions LLC be held liable for any outcomes, negative or positive, the out comes of your workings are of your own personal responsibility. You, the buyer are also in agreement that you will keep these candles and use them in a safe environment, we recommend keeping a 6ft radius of all other objects to reduce risk of fire and or other unforseen hazards that may arise from the use of this product. NEVER BURN ON A FLAMMABLE SURFACE, such as wood, NEVER LEAVE A CANDLE UNATTENDED, AND REFRAIN FROM BURNING LONGER THAN 1 HR AT A TIME.