XLARGE Witch Gift Box,
XLARGE Witch Gift Box,
XLARGE Witch Gift Box,
XLARGE Witch Gift Box,
XLARGE Witch Gift Box,

XLARGE Witch Gift Box,

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Dear Witches,
Try our Witch Boxes, go all out for all four sizes offered in our shop!

A Ginormous Variety of Gorgeous Curios, Altar Supplies, Magickal Clothing Items, Statues, Herbs & More!

XLARGE: 100% That Witch Box-
What do you give a Witch who has it all? This box! Its perfect for the witch you adore!

Each box is made custom to order.
Some past boxes have included crystal balls, scrying bowls, skirts, shirts, herb kits, altar statuary, animal products (all ethically sourced) tarot decks, pendulums, crystals, hand made herb candles infused with intention. Spell bottles, dream catchers, wind chimes. It really depends on what spirit guides me to.

I can also make special order boxes, so if you wanted a box that leaned heavily on divination items, goddess items, or a starter altar set up, those are all possible as well.

Brightest Blessings,

Q: What makes these products so unique?

A: These items aren't just things you find online throw into a box. They are from my metaphysical shop and items are selected based on the guidance I receive from spirit.
Selected after an invocation and during a personal ritual, each box is a gift from the Universe. All products from Spirit Art Productions undergo a sacred energetic vibrational transmutation during which they are infused with Divine Rainbow Light and all the intentions of Love, Joy, Light, Wisdom, Understanding, Peace, Power & Healing, For The Greatest And Highest Good Of The All. I call upon Divinity and channel the Divine Feminine and Masculine to both guide my selections and to bless the packages as their items are selected, and once again when they are finished.
My process is very near and dear to me; a personal way of sharing warm energies with you. Each creation takes time and I pour my heart and soul into every step of the process.

Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have, including more details about my in-depth process, or wish to add any additional details or inspiration.